Upcoming Events

Keep an eye on all of the activities we are running over this the upcoming holidays! Booking is essential, please email info@niknakevents.co.uk to book or drop us a message on Facebook!

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Family Workshops:

One parents is required to stay at the family party. Whilst NikNak takes charge of the group control: entertainment and games - ensuring each child has a super duper time, NikNak Events accepts no liability for the supervision/whereabouts of your child.

Drop-Off Workshops:

These fantastic child-care based workshops are fun ways for your children to express themselves through creative and sporting play. NikNak Events takes full responsibility for your Childs welfare and carry suitable Enhanced DBS, Extensive Safeguarding Training, Public Liability Insurance, safeguarding.  NikNak Events comes from a very experienced background in managing large-scale holiday camps - rest assure that your children will get the most from their time within our care!

The easter craft workshop is suitable for children aged 5-15
The Easter games workshop is suitable for children aged 5-9