Why Choose NikNak Events?

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Hello !

Welcome to the Niknak events site. I'm Nikki (Dj niknak)

I have many many years of experience in event organising, Children's entertainment and DJing & I'm confident I can offer you an easy-going and memorable experience for all to enjoy.

I first started running children's birthday parties in 2010, and since started NikNak events in 2017 which I built up around Basingstoke- I now perform at over 200 kids parties and events each year and recently won an award for 'DJ of the Year' across the 270+ UK Pride Events.

I LOVE to keep your little ones and their friends entertained at their party and I'm constantly looking at new games to introduce to keep up with the latests crazes - You can take a look at all of my party outing's and parent reviews by visiting my facebookpage @niknakevents - I post regularly.

I equally enjoying DJing evening celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and pubs/bars - I have a very wide range of music that I cater to suit the group but eaually happy taking playlists and requests!

If you want a fun packed party for your kiddo and their friends, with  great prizes (not just plastic tatt), high energy games, giveaways, quality and reliable equipment plus an experienced entertainer - than you've come to the right place :) 

About me: As well as working under NikNak Events, I work full time at a primary school in Wokingham (Which I LOVE!) With most of my careen spent in outdoor education & sports coaching, any free time is spent in the mountains, hills or on the water on my sup board..... I also like to keep up with my niece and nephew - who always give great idea's towards keeping my parties hip-and-cool.

Please do Take a look my services, and get in touch today with any queries you may have! My site is best accessed from A computer/PC.

NikNak x