Multi-Sport Parties

A party for the sporty ones!

Length: 2 Hours, Break half-way for food

Theme: Sports

Number of guests: 20 children, 5+

Birthday Age Suitability: 5-11

Up to three sports

Football (5-11 years)

Rugby (7-11 years)

Parachute Games (5-11 years)

Volley Ball (5-11 years)

Team Games (5-11 years)

Athletics (5-11 years)

Wackey Races (5-11 years)

Mini Sports Day (5-11 years)

Multi Skills (5-6 years)

Dodgeball (6-11 years)

 Cricket (6-11 years)

Rounders (8-11 years)

Tug of War (6-11 years)

Optional: Sweet Cones, Party Bags, Balloon Modelling

Overall Hall / field hire required: 3 Hours (30 minutes each side for setup/down)

Cost: From £160 (+ Small location fee outside of Wokingham)

Choose up to three of the above sports to take part in. There will be a mixture of skills training and  fun competition which includes prizes and consolation sweets being won. There will be other team/warm up sports depending on the activity involved.

The birthday boy or girl will be the star of the show, with multiple shoutouts, captain opportunities and a goodie bag at the end of the party.