2 Hour

Disco Only



Straight Through Disco

Our most popular party to date!

Length: 2 Hours, Optional Break half-way for food

Theme: Straight Through Disco - Add in your own theme

Number of guests: Number based on venue size, most venues will accommodate 50+

Birthday Age Suitability: 8-17 years

Games can include: Based on a straight through disco.
I am happy to add in a Dance-off, Floss-off, dancing 
competition engagement with group dances, this is optional but I highly recommend it for ages 8-11 years!

Optional: Backdrop and selfie props £25, Sweet Cones £.150, Filled Party Bags £2.20, Balloon Modelling £15, Thank-you Sweetie Boxes 65p, Thank-you Sweetie Pillows 50p
Visit our 'Extra's page for the full list of add-in's

Overall Hall Hire required: 3 Hours (30 minutes each side for setup/down)

Cost: From £150 - location fee fMy apaply - please email or Facebook us! 

This party is great for the older ones. I give the option for the birthday boy/girl to send over their ideal playlist which I will play on the night. Alternatively I keep up with all of the latest music and top tunes which I am certain will be of your Childs taste! 

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